Author: Adam Doggett

The big topic shared at the start of ADA was the big topic ADA did not want you to share

For many HCPs, using social media during congress meetings has become an integrated part of how they learn, document and share what is being presented, extending the reach of the meeting well beyond the location itself. A popular technique for sharing has been to take photos of presenters and their slides, and Tweet them. This has become commonplace at medical conferences, healthcare innovation and technology symposiums and many other disciplines in the field of academia and beyond. During the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) 2017 Scientific Sessions which took place from 9-13 June, many HCPs were surprised and some even...

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West Africa Cycle challenge with Street Child

In September 2018, Street Child will be running the inaugural West Africa Cycle challenge, but in June 2017 I will be joining a team of pioneers to pilot the challenge. The charity ride, selected by cycling content writer Tom Owen as one of the top five toughest multi-day cycle challenges of 2017, will span the course of four days and cover 300km. Starting in Bo, Sierra Leone, and crossing the Liberian border to finish in Robertsport, the trip will be interspersed with project visits to witness first-hand the impact that Street Child is having on both rural and urban...

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Stigma, drug prices & innovation – how healthcare professionals talk about mental health

Mental health and neurological disorders are major issues with an estimated 6.7% of the U.S. adult population (16.1 million) experiencing at least one depressive episode in 2015. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) estimates that the economic burden of seriously debilitating mental health conditions is in excess of $300 billion per year, whilst in 2015 there were  6,188 deaths from suicide in the UK alone. This is a major concern for families, employers and millions of individuals who face the challenges of mental health struggles every year. CREATION listened to online HCP conversation relating to developments in the...

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Top 10 German HCPs who discuss breast cancer online

More and more healthcare professionals (HCPs) all over the world are moving onto digital platforms to express their views, share knowledge and discuss current events in a candid and unhindered way. Their unprompted online conversations provide insights into the inner workings of the healthcare professional mind, allowing us to discover what they really think and feel. While HCPs in some countries – such as the USA, UK and Spain – were quick to adopt social media for peer collaboration and learning, others have been slower to embrace public channels. Three years ago, for example, a CREATION colleague wrote about...

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What HCPs say about medical cannabis use

This article was written and researched by Adam Doggett, one of our Research Analysts at CREATION Marijuana stimulates wide-spread debate, in many places around the world the drug is legal for medicinal and even recreational purposes whereas countries such as the United Kingdom (where medical cannabis has been banned since 1971) see the drug in a very different context. Several recent articles provide an informative and unbiased take on the issue of growing momentum. The views of Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) on Twitter show the professional side of the story. From the perspective of a patient, it may be easy to...

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