SABCS 2023: HCPs predominantly discussed trial results of HR+/HER2-negative breast cancer trials

12.01.2024 | Insight

SABCS 2023: HCPs predominantly discussed trial results of HR+/HER2-negative breast cancer trials

In early December, healthcare professionals arrived in Texas for the annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. Using CREATION pinpoint®, tracked unprompted online healthcare professional (eHCP) conversation in the lead up to and throughout the event in order to understand what was important to eHCPs at the congress.

eHCPs used reporting from X account @OncoAlert to share the latest updates from SABCS 2023

Online conversation among eHCPs spiked during the symposium dates – the 05 – 09 December. Throughout the event, oncology account @OncoAlert collaborated with SABCS 2023 to frequently share updates of the ongoing presentations, garnering 457 reposts and 1,987 account mentions from eHCPs. The value eHCPs place on this online community was evident from their excitement about this collaboration in the lead-up to the week of the congress itself.

In the weeks leading up to the symposium, eHCPs had generated excitement by sharing SABCS-related news and expectations. Medical oncologist Paolo Tarantino shared a list of 10 studies he believed were worth keeping track of at the event, with 60 eHCPs sharing this content.

Trials for patients with HR+/HER2-negative breast cancer were the most discussed by eHCPs

The five most mentioned trials by eHCPs in the SABCS 2023 conversation were for patients with HR+/HER2-negative breast cancer.

The presentation of Roche’s INAVO-120 trial (inavolisib in combination with palbociclib and fulvestrant for HR+/HER2-negative breast cancer patients) was well-received. However, medical oncologist Erika Hamilton called for more representation amongst the trial participants. Her post was shared by 8 other eHCPs.

Novartis’ NATALEE trial was mentioned 115 times by eHCPs. This phase III trial investigated the effects of ribociclib (Kisqali) and endocrine therapy as adjuvant treatment in patients with HR+/HER2-negative early breast cancer. eHCPs were hesitant to praise the released results, as the overall survival data was still immature. Beverly Moy, a medical oncologist questioned whether the “benefits outweigh the risks”, and haematologist-oncologist Bachar Samra called the release “underwhelming”. Six eHCPs further commented on the results’ lack of statistical significance.

eHCPs were more positive about AstraZeneca’s TROPION-Breast01 trial, which investigated datopotamab deruxtecan (Dato-DXd) vs chemotherapy in HR+/HER2-negative patients. The trial results showed an improved PFS and “better efficacy with less serious AEs”. Yara Abdou, a breast-specialising medical oncologist from the US, called these novel findings “a win”. This post was reposted by four other eHCPs.

Prior to SABCS, AstraZeneca’s Truqap (capivasertib) was approved by the FDA. Its clinical trial CAPItello-291 was mentioned 53 times by eHCPs at SABCS 2023, with a further 38 mentions of the drug itself. There was no consensus from eHCPs on the importance of the efficacy of capivasertib; however, obstetrician-gynaecologist Kelly Shanahan, who has stage 4 breast cancer and participated in a clinical trial for Truqap, stated that “side effects are common” despite the lack of AEs experienced. Since its approval, there is still some debate as to which population subgroup capivasertib favours; nevertheless, medical oncologist Stephanie Graff still praised the “rigorous rationale” presented in the discussion.

Top posting eHCPs at SABCS 2023

Stefania Colasanti, an oncologist in Italy, shared close to 500 posts of her peers’ content, making her the largest content amplifier at SABCS 2023. She mostly shared trial data and presentations from other Italian eHCPs, as well as content from OncoAlert and other oncology accounts on X.

Gil Morgan, an oncologist in Sweden, is the director of the OncoAlert network. 96% of his posts were either reposts or mentions of the OncoAlert account. This included summaries of each day at the symposium, key highlights of the week, and reports on specific presentations. 

Stefanie Graff, a US medical oncologist, posted the most original content of eHCPs at SABCS 2023. She has a senior position in the OncoAlert community, and thus more than a third of her posts were reposts or mentions of the OncoAlert account. The rest of her content included posts about various presentations throughout the event, as well as connecting and discussing with fellow eHCPs about the data and news released during the week.

With congresses and symposia being such a huge investment for pharmaceutical companies we understand the need to ensure maximum impact from their expenditure. Being able to understand what is most important to eHCPs and who is influencing the online conversation is a great way to achieve this. To find out what this might look like for you, why not watch our webinar How to make the most of your medical congress investment, read our 10 ways to maximise congress investment by utilising eHCP insights or get in touch.

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